Different Types of Auditorium Seating and Their Impact on the Acoustics

When planning for an auditorium, many designers put emphasis on the stage and lighting design but give little thought to the seating arrangements. The type of retractable auditorium seating you choose has a significant impact on the acoustics of your space. This is particularly important in smaller auditoriums where sound reflections off the walls and floor can cause issues with echo and clarity. In this post, we’ll explore some of the different types of auditorium seats from Turkey and how they can affect the acoustics of your space.

Raked Seating

Raked seating is a type of auditorium seating where each row is slightly higher than the one in front of it. This allows everyone in the audience to have a clear view of the stage. Raked fixed auditorium seating is also good for acoustics because it helps to absorb sound reflections off the floor. However, raked seating can be more expensive to install and maintain because it requires a steeper slope and additional support structures.

Box Seating

Box seating is another option for auditoriums that can provide good sightlines and acoustic absorption. Boxes are typically arranged in rows along the sides or back of the auditorium and each box has its own private entrance. Boxes can be arranged in any configuration to fit your particular space and needs. One downside to box seating is that it can block sightlines for people sitting in other sections of the auditorium.

auditorium seats

Cafe Seating

Cafe seating is a more casual approach to auditorium seating that offers flexibility in terms of layout and configuration. Cafe seating typically consists of small tables and chairs arranged in a coffee shop-style setting. This type of flexible auditorium seating is good for smaller audiences and can create a more intimate atmosphere. However, portable auditorium seating can be disruptive if people need to move around during a performance or presentation.


There are many factors to consider when choosing folding auditorium seating, including cost, sightlines, and acoustics. FurnitureFromTurkey.com provides you with all types of seats.The type of seating you choose will have a major impact on the overall sound quality of your space. For smaller auditoriums, it’s important to choose a type of seating that will help absorb sound reflections off the floor and walls. Raked seating or box seats are good choices for acoustics, while Turkish auditorium seats offer more flexibility in terms of layout and configuration.

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